Endorsement from John Smeltzer, counselor and pastor for over 45 years

As a pastor and Christian counselor for more than forty five years, the single most damaging trend I have observed in the body of Christ is “intellectual” vs. “experiential” Christianity.  As a reaction to emotional pain, many believers have erected defensive walls around their hearts that hinder them from feeling and experiencing God’s love for them.  Yet it is the ability to live from the whole heart that makes Christianity work, since it is through the heart that we experience the love of God (Rom. 5:5), believe or exercise faith (Rom. 10:10), and learn to fellowship with God’s Spirit (2 Cor. 13:14), enabling the Lord to live His life through us.  When understood as a spiritual allegory made living and active by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, I believe the Song of Solomon can be used powerfully by the Lord as a balm to bring healing to damaged hearts.  As it is turned into an affectionate prayer-dialogue with the Lord, the Holy Spirit will open our spiritual eyes to see the beauty of our Bridegroom King and enlarge our hearts to believe on a deeper level His incredible love for us.”

–John Smeltzer, ThM, LPC

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